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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Pursuing Academic Excellence! Our MISSION is to promote learning and academic excellence among students of varying achievement levels by developing and providing multidisciplinary academic competitions using Academic Decathlon® curricula. Our VISION is to provide all students the opportunity to excel academically through team competition. Our core VALUES include: ACADEMIC GROWTH: for all students. MULTIDISCIPLINARY LEARNING: challenging every student at every level. TEAMWORK: as a means to self-knowledge & life skills. INCLUSIVITY & DIVERSITY: vital to learning & the human experience. HONESTY & INTEGRITY: through our words, actions, & attitude. TRANSPARENCY: in our relations & interactions with all stakeholders. EXCELLENCE: in our programs, services & activities. RESPECT: for diverse points of view, backgrounds, & experiences. The Wyoming Academic Decathlon program provides students with the opportunity to challenge themselves academically, to work with others in a cooperative team environment, to meet and interact with other Wyoming Students, and to earn scholarship money for post-high school education.